Contact and Links


The best way to get in contact with me is via note on FurAffinity or on Telegram and Discord.
You can also send me an e-mail at


PatreonMy main active site where you can support me and my work and get several interesting perks. I post both my SFW and NSFW art and comics here and comic pages have a higher resolution on here.
FurAffinityMy main presence outside of Patreon. Here you can also find all of my mature and adult content.
DiscordThis is my Discord group where you can not just find me but also get together with other fans of my comics and get any recent news on commission status and comic pages.
TwitterA place where I post artworks, hold art-raffles and sometimes just post status updates or scream at Blizzard.
DeviantArtNot as active as I used to be, but I still upload my SFW comics here.
ToyhouseHere you can find detailed information about characters from my comics. Spoilers might be ahead, so read the comics first. 😉
PicartoMain streaming channel for NSFW-streams
TwitchMain streaming channel for SFW-art-streams and gaming
Ko-FiJust a place for when you’d like to support my work with a little tip. Any support is highly appreciated.
AnimexxHere you can find the German versions of my comics.
SoFurryStill got my account there but am pretty much never active.