Terms Of Service

By ordering a commission from me you automatically agree to these Terms of Service. Those are here to protect both, you (hereby named ‚The Client‘) and me (hereby named ‚The Artist‘). So it is highly advised to read it carefully.

The Client is aware they are buying a digital good. The Client pays Artist for creating a digital drawing and for the right to use said artwork as stated in #6.

The Client will receive the commissioned work in high-resolution in png-format. Originals (psd-files) won’t be provided.

2.1 Contact
There are three accepted contact-options: Notes on DeviantArt or FurAffinity, via Telegram or Discord or via e-mail.
The Artist will not discuss commissions via other instant messaging services or journals.

Communication between Artist and Client will be held through whatever means the commission process had been started. It is highly recommended to not change contact methods midway.

2.2 Process
The Artist may refuse service to any Client for any reason.

The commission-request should already include: The type of commission, references for the character(s), general details about poses, atmosphere erc. and the Client’s Paypal adress.

Character References include at least:
– for any type of commission except Reference-Sheets: An actual reference-sheet, that shows the whole design of the character. Optional but highly recommended are other images of the character and additional information.
– for Reference-Sheet commissions: A good description of the characters design, information about the character, optional but highly recommended: images, if the character was already drawn before.

For Full-Color Drawings and Reference Sheets the Artist may provide periodic updates at various steps, if requested by the Client. Such updates include Sketch, Lineart/Coloration and the finished image. For Wing It – Commissions, Headshots, Bustshots and Chibi-Drawings no periodic updates are provided.

Commissions won’t necessarily be worked on in a first-come first-serve schedule. The commission-schedule depends on the complexity of the commission and the contact between Artist and Client.

Before ordering please consider: The Artist won’t give out any deadline to finish the commission. Completion depends on the Artist’s free time and so a fixed amount of time until completion can never be defined. However, the Artist will finish every commissioned work, unless it was canceled.

The Artist will NOT draw: Purposely hateful themes, suicide, only landscapes.

The Client may ask the Artist for more information about more specific content.

Base prices are subject to change without notice. Commissions initiated before updates to prices are not affected.

The full payment is required prior to the Artist completing the work.

For Fullbody-Drawings and Reference-Sheets the Client may request a rough sketch before payment is due.

If a Client takes advantage of the pre-payment rough sketch by taking it and never following with the full commission, the Client will be blacklisted. 

The only accepted payment method is Paypal.

The Client must have a legitimate reason to request a refund.

Commissions under 40€ are nonrefundable. For commissions over 40€ a partial refund can be arranged depending on how much of the work has already been completed.

If the commission is already finished, it is nonrefundable.

At any point during a commission, if the Artist does not receive a needed reply from the Client within one month, the commission may be canceled. If the commission was already paid, the Client has an additional month to contact the Artist for a partial refund. After this additional month no refunds will be considered.

The Artist may cancel the commission at any time if the Client is excessively or continuously rude, demanding, childish or inappropriate. The Client will not be refunded and will be blacklisted.

The Artist retains all the rights to the artwork.

The Client retains all rights to their characters.

The Client may use the artwork for NON-COMMERCIAL, NON-PROMOTIONAL purposes. The Client may resize the artwork to create icons, but the Client is NOT allowed to alter the artwork itself. (eg, recolors, red-lines, etc.)

The Client may upload the artwork to their personal website or gallery, but credit IS REQUIRED.

The Artist may display commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or journal, and use commissioned work in promotional materials.

The Artist may recycle sketches and works that were rejected by the Client for other commissions or personal works.