Bloody War


Volumes: 3 (date: 2018)
Language(s): English, German
Original Run: October 2009 – Ongoing

Bloody War is a free to read graphic novel by Nadine Hartwig (alias NaokoHara). All rights reserved.

The story is about Riku, a young wolf who lives in a world far away from earth, called Ror. He and his best friend Ren lived happy in a small pack until some day strange dark wolves appear. They attack the pack
and kill most of them. Riku and Ren can get away but then get separated. Riku swears to find his best friend. But it seems like all this that happened was part of an even bigger story that has still to be discovered.



From Then Till Now

Bloody War is my oldest comic I ever published.
The story itself was created in 2009, the script for the comic was finished in 2010.
Before I started uploading pages in 2009, I already had a rough story concept and the characters themselves had a long way until they became what they are now.

Everything started in 2004 with a 3-panel short comic about a little wolf who was different than his brothers. Back then it was just a very short idea, but the characters in there would someday become Riku, Ren and Clover. Sadly I wasn’t good with names at all and those three characters had very strange names.

After this short idea it took me one year to come up with another story idea. This time only Riku and Ren, still having their strange names from before, were included. Ren was a fox, trying to take care of some pups when he someday met Riku the wolf who helped him out. The idea was pretty much leading nowhere and until 2007 I never used any of the characters in anything again. From this year I only have one image left, with Riku in it. The big difference that came in back then is that Riku actually got a different name: Arkin. Also it was the first  time a character very similar to Shiro appeared, but he didn’t get any name. The biggest thing that  happened in this year was my ‚invention‘ of the ghostwolves. Black wolves, only their eyes are visible. Another big difference back then was that Riku actually was a bad wolf, standing beside the ghostwolves. A bit later I drew a new design for Shiro and gave him the name Rascal. Back then his fur was light brown, he already was missing his hind leg, one ear and had a big scar over his eye.

The real deal took place in 2007 and 2008 when I started a little comic called ‚Elements‘. The beginning itself was mainly the same as in the old comic version of Part 1 now, with some minor differences. The names where already the same, the characters already looked a lot like they do today, except for Shiro, who was turned into a Great Dane at that point.
The story only reached until page 10 but I had more planned.
I started drawing the first pages of the comic in 2009 and uploaded them, first to the German website Animexx. At this early point, however, I didn’t really have a script ready, so the story got kind of confusing and a lot of senseless dialogue happened, situations led nowhere and so on.
So I started to write a script for the comic and mostly finished it in 2010, even though I still sometimes come back to it to fix some mistakes.
Unfortunately I already drew a lot of pages until I had the script ready, so in 2012 I decided to redraw Part 1 and Part 2 to add more plot and also to give it better quality drawings, since I was finally possessing a graphic tablet and wasn’t forced to use the vector tool or the mouse for everything any more.
In 2017 I was finally able to finish the redoing of Parts 1 and 2 and the next Part could be started to finally continue the story.
The old version of the comic can still be read on my old-art-account on DeviantArt. A German version is available on Animexx.